So you have made an appointment…

So W/we have had contact by mail or maybe already by phone.
W/we’ve set a date and hour of our meeting.
If you haven’t filled My questionnaire in yet,
you will probably do that when you arrive to the BDSM studio.
I will leave you there to yourself, so you won’t have any distractions whilst you are figuring out what to answer,
because I like only true and honest replies.

After you’re done with that W/we’ll go through it together and you have some time to make remarks or clarify about the things you’ve written down.

When you are ready, you will be shown to the shower and instructions on how to proceed will be given verbally.

As I understand this is a first time,
I will explain all the procedures step by step and very, VERY clearly.

slim, tall blonde Mistress sitting on a slave cage

Please make sure you are on time.

If you come late,
I cannot assure you the full hour of session if another slot in My agenda is blocked for another sub.

If you come too early
you will probably be interfering with My prep time.
That usually pisses Me off in a pretty bad way.

I understand this is our first contact... I will be gentle...... at the beginning!!!!