Spoil your Mistress

wishlist to spoil your mistress
I used to love Amazon, despite it’s shortcomings.

The large list of things that I desired also gives you a deeper insight of who I am,
what I like, what My other hobbies are.
So if you want to get to know Me better, go there!

Antes, Me encantaba Amazon.es

La larga lista de lo que Yo deseaba muestra quien soy, cuales son Mis otros hobbies.
Así que si Me quieres conocer mas, visita esta lista y compráme algo ahí.

Anda, corre!!!!

Yet the most convenient solution 2023 is:

Wishtender will let you see where I choose to use it for. Anonymously.
Your data are not visible to Me, nor My data are visible to you.
Your gift comes to Me directly.
So beautiful.

Do send Me a short note letting Me know it was from you, otherwise another slave will get all the credit, hahaha.