Findom as on/offline Femdom by Mistress Nicole van Kuppeck

Findom as an interesting alternative way of worship to an unattainable BDSM Goddess.

My inner sadistic Goddess glows with joy when I hear you whimper,
no matter if it’s because you suffer physically, mentally or emotionally.
This is why for Me, there is virtually no difference between Findom and other forms of Femdom.

I enjoy seeing you squirm.

I’ve got an extended online wishlist that can be satisfied anonymously.


CASHMEET in Barcelona:
100€ minimal and only after having confirmed that you are not a timewaster.

SHOPPING together in Barcelona:
150€ for approx 1 hour.

Findom by demanding supreme BDSM Femdom Mistress in Barcelona
findom dominatrix in Barcelona

You may address Me in English, Spanish and Dutch and I will respond fluently in these lenguages.
You may also address Me in Catalan and German, which I can understand and read,
yet you will have to do the effort of translating My response to you.

Don’t ask Me what you will get back from Me.
The mere attention that I am willing to give to you,
allowing you to kneel before Me is already a pure token of generosity from My side.

My pleasure and My freedom to live the lifestyle that I choose,
are very important to Me.
If you are looking for a Domme who will entertain you, dress a certain way or will do little nudy-dances for you to get you all horny,
please go and look for another Mistress.
Or rather a stripper.

My Piscis nature allows Me to engage My sessions highly intuitive. With My razorsharp wits and ruthless Female Supremacy I will denigrate you until I will have molded you into that perfect little financial slave that you so desire to be.

I truly consider every relationship between Myself and any sub as unique.
This is what will keep you on the path of true servitud.

Last but not least:
offer your tributes as your inner urges compel you to do,
for by the time I have to order you,
the tribute will have changed into a punishment.

And they hurt.