The rates Mistress Nicole charges for Her precious time.

The rates for My precious Dominatrix time are on the high end, and that is on purpose, for I want to cater only for the very motivated visitors.
I take My time for you, you have probably read My way of running sessions on this web and that should have impressed you enough to accept My ways.

I will let you know My fees when you contact Me,
I NEVER haggle about my fees, I know why these are my rates, and attempts of negotiation of My values are considered insults.


I cannot stress the following enough:
Make reservations with some days ahead to avoid disappointments!!!
I have a very dynamic life, and my agenda fills up pretty fast!

Imprisonments / longterm:
Remember these are not intensive session hours,
I will decide how long you are to be imprisoned or to be taken out!
Intensive sessions with other slaves may take place while you are being confined.