How to contact Mistress Nicole, correctly?

I’ve put a lot of effort into this website,
so please, make sure you’ve read all before you make your call, or write your email
I get really tired of having to repeat Myself over and over and over again.

After you have read about all the ins and outs,
and you feel W/we are on the same vibe,
you may write Me an email.
Do so ahead of time!

In your profoundly respectful writings,
you will state:
– your name (not writing them with a Capital letter gains you credit)
– a short bio on your previous BDSM experiences
– a short explication on what you are into, what you hope to find in our encounter
(no long extended fantasy writings, please!)
– the date / desired hour and duration of the session
If you are able to comply with these rules,
you may write to:

mistressnicole  at  gmail dot com


I will get back to you as soon as I see fit.

Remember that no regular sexual activities are being offered,
these petitions will only result in a total silence on My behalf.

Mistress in full clad latex guards the 24/7 slaves

Whatsapp: I don’t respond to people I haven’t done sessions with previously.
Slave responds weekly to those kind of messengers
with a copy&paste I wrote,
stating more or less the same things that can be read here,
but in a way less pleasant way.
Of course.

I answer the phone personally, so
show good manners from
the instant you start talking.
Being nervous is NOT an excuse.

If you think you are able
to comply with My rules,
you may call Me on My number:
+34 649 648 677

Calls are being responded from
9:00 am until 8:00 pm
monday to friday
(visiting hours are more flexible)

In case you get no answer:
*you are calling with an withheld number?
(that will get you nowhere)

*I don’t pick up the phone whilst having sessions,
so try again later


My “handy” number in Switzerland:
+41 762336842
(I prefer to talk in English, but German is also possible)

Mistress Nicole visits Zurich this August 2016

you're just one tiny step away.....!