Professional Conscious Kink / Holistic BDSM sessions in Barcelona.

Suppressed and unconscious kink leads to a destructive cycle of compulsion that keeps us stuck in one place or spiraling down into disconnection with ourselves and our loved ones, or simply leaves us feeling a little empty afterwards.
I’ve witnessed this during the years that I have been doing regular profesional BDSM sessions: some of the people, who are totally into the play whilst it last but once the turn-on is gone, feel empty or even guilty, instead of fulfilled or replenished.

When any authentic aspect of ourselves is suppressed, it can also erupt in unhealthy ways into other parts of our lives. I heavily advocate that consciously engaging with our kink is in fact an essential part of being whole, happy and fulfilled.

Self-development has no end.
On might think to have explored all there is, yet there is always another layer… and another…

That’s why I keep on taking courses whilst I also give workshops.
I am super-pleased to be in the team of Seani Love`s “Erotic Mysteries”, a weeklong deep dive into oneself, this summer in Granada.

Seani Love is a sex worker and one of the first practitioners to pick up on Conscious Kink

Does this appeal to you? Check out:

My passion is exploring and acknowledging all my inner aspects.
Having done this throughout a fairly large timespan and doing some pretty deep diving, one of my biggest turn-ons now is helping others to explore and accept the full spectrum of their selves with awareness and depth. One way of doing this, is through Conscious Kink play.

As a conscious player I bring not only all my gained kink skills and experience to the table, but also great many aspects of the path of Tantra, embodied mindfulness,  PNL, and various erotic shamanic traditions, including breathing techniques, consciously engaged states of body, heart and mind to enhance the kinky experience. The formal intention-setting at the beginning is an important aspect to turn any session into a Conscious experience.

For who?
Conscious Kink is more about the path than about the goal,
and it serves men, women, queer, trans, genderfluids etc. alike!
If you have had training in awareness, mindfulness, meditation or breathing-work then this will help us to go into the depths of Conscious Kink fluidly together.
Otherwise, I will gently guide our way into it.

As the professional player, I will create the container for us.
I love to get carried away by the scenes we can play to discover ourselves.
Scenes that might transform us, that might make us cry, laugh, engage with suppressed parts of ourselves, scenes that might take us into underworld journeys, or where we explore power, or the lack of it.
But when we meet professionally, our sessions are my offerings to you.
I will induce and hold the space in order for you to be able to fully engage in the moment. Nothing brings me greater joy and turn-on than guiding another human being through an altered state of consciousness and see them recognize and connect with their authentic self.

AFTERCARE: an under-estimated part of the professional sessions.
Going directly out from the session into the Matrix-world will probably erase the reconnection work that you might have done during our trip. Our brains need a temporary, short wind-down, or even a little shutdown (also known as a short nap) in a safe, and loving environment.

In the intake-form you can let me know if you think you need this. I will calculate time&space for it into our time-scedule.