Which are Mistress Nicole’s boundaries within BDSM?

No vanilla sex is offered, nor extended bodyworship.


No scat, caviar or however you want to name it.
(Golden showers on the other hand, are being given and with a lot of pleasure!)

No permanent damage is ever provided, such as: scarring or amputation.

My boundries are clear and simple:

No illegal acts are being done, and I don’t allow drugs or alcohol during My sessions.
I reserve the right to kick you out if I sense that you are under the influence of any substance.

and NO,
I don’t need personal slaves,

thank you!

I don’t like age play, so I don’t perform that either.

No wrestling, I like real stuff,
if I could physically win whatever regular male by skill,
then I would surely offer this,
but I don’t.
I hate faking.
And I noticing that a sub would let Me win,
because he choses so, pisses Me off.