Mistress Nicole’s character and Her way of engaging BDSM

An indept view of Mistress Nicole’s caracter and way of seeing BDSM.

Let’s start off at the beginning: I was born in the north of Europe where we are stricter then the latin people, generally speaking. But I am as sensual, demanding, creative, sensual and passionate as the latin people are, this is probably why I feel so at home in Spain.

I am not a Domina that needs to elevate her voice to get one to obey her, I have found my large range of female arms long time ago… and be sure: my weapons have sharpened on the resistance they have encountered.

Nor am I a Mistress that needs an excuse for inflicting torture.

When previously agreed that certain acts in which I find pleasure, are within your limits as well I will proceed these with great pleasure at any given time, and certainly not for punishment, as I know you enjoy them and thus would be inclined to perform badly in my presence.

As an experienced Domme I know that the worst punishment is abandonment. I hope not to get to that point with any of My subs, even though “a moment for thought” for severe faux passes can be implemented.

As a Domme I am based in Barcelona. I speak English, Spanish and Dutch fluently.
My Catalan and German skills are on conversational level.

I am a very kind and gentle person, even though this is maybe more noticeable outside of the sessions, during the questionnaire negotiation time or during the cool-down-drink afterwards.

My pleasure and My freedom to choose are very important to Me,
so if you are looking for a Domme who will cater a session to the letter of your desires,
please go and look for another Mistress.

My Piscis nature allows Me to engage My sessions highly intuitive, My levels of intensity depend on your experience and needs, though I will always try to stretch and extend your limits, up to what you can handle, that is.

I assure you safe, sane, and consensual play without judgment and guaranteed full discretion.

My slaves, subs and masochists know that I can be as understanding as I a can be cruel I love to tease and challenge. And even though I am not necessarily a sadist, I surely got my sadistic tendencies, combine that with My viciously dry and the result will take you to your so desired discomfort.